Why you should make the perfect Super Shake-Infographic

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Why you should (and how to) make The Perfect Super Shake. [Infographic] Delicious meals that save time, nourish and satisfy you, in liquid form   Maybe you need a quick breakfast to start your day off right; a quick on-the-go energy-boosting lunch or a mid-afternoon snack as you finish work and gear up to take on the family life. Something you …

Cheat Meals… to cheat or not to cheat?

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At one time, I used to have cheat meals and I used to look forward to them! They were my opportunity to indulge and have those foods that I wouldn’t eat through the week.  Pizza, Chinese food, a burger and fries … oh, and don’t forget the dessert! After all it will be a whole week before I can have …

“KISS”ing Meal Prep Frustration Away

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Meal preparation can be intimidating, scary, overwhelming, frustrating – choose your adjective.  This topic is one that I cover often because it’s really easy to have a busy week or weekend and get completely off track.  I remember being flustered and lost when it came to meal prep. It should be easy enough but when you think of 7 days’ …

Bread Alternatives for Nutrition & Weight Loss

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When improving your nutrition, one of the things to consider is reducing or eliminating the consumption of bread products, especially those made with a base of white flour. This begs the question: What can you eat that to replace bread that can be just as filling, but will offer more nutrients? I asked the members of my Simply Fit group …

Fish Oil Supplements – What You Need to Know

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I recently blogged about supplements and the importance of getting all the vitamins and minerals the body needs so everything can function properly. Supplementing fish oil (omegas) is a bit more complex than other supplements—you need to know whether or not you need to supplement, how much you need, and how to supplement properly.

Can’t Lose Weight? 7 Reasons Your Weight Loss Plan Isn’t Working

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You made the decision to get fit and lose some excess pounds. Then (hopefully) you started an exercise plan and backed that up with a nutrition program. And that was all you needed to do, right? You made the choice to eat right; to exercise three times a week…but just when you think you’re on a roll, a special occasion (and ‘celebration food’) pops …