Stop Eating Until You’re Full! Seriously!

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Do you often eat until you are full? Or even stuffed? Do you know that eating until full or over-full is a habit that can be changed? One of the most important aspects of healthy eating is often overlooked, and that is the need to eat slowly and mindfully. If done properly, mindful eating will slow down the process, making …

5 Simple Steps to Keep on Track with your Goals

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    Did you answer ‘Yes’ to any of those questions? Is your secret life sabotaging your health and fitness? Don’t worry – if you can treat yourself with love, you’ll realize that you’re only human and your fridge doesn’t have to be the friend that you hide anymore.  There are things you can do to help change these habits.

Sugar Sickness: The Danger of Eating Too Much Sugar (& How to Avoid It)

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It’s sweet. It tastes good. And it is one of the things that threatens our health the most: Sugar.   The Danger of Eating Too Much Sugar The list of the negative effects that sugar consumption has on our bodies is long and, quite frankly, scary. These potential dangers of chronic high-sugar intake include: Reduction of the body’s ability to …

Think if You Are Short On Time You Can’t To Lose Weight?

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We all live busy lifestyles and never feel like there’s enough time to get everything done. We’ve all said, “I’m so busy,” or, “There just aren’t enough hours in the day,” probably more times than we can count. And with all of the responsibilities that fill up our calendars – work, family, volunteering, hobbies – it’s easy to think there’s …

The Benefits of Getting Enough Fats

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When we’re trying eat healthier or lose weight, we think about reducing our intake of sugars and fats – things that cause weight gain and aren’t considered ‘healthy.’ We start thinking “low fat” and “no fat.” But it’s important to consume ‘healthy fats’ – a proper amount of trans fat (which we easily consume with our protein sources), as well …