Strong & Beautiful-Buddy Edition


This Time it's all about our Buddies!

Grab Your Partner and Let's Get Fit Together!

12-Weeks to Take Your Health to the Next Level

Starting September 18, 2017

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Meet your Trainer: LISA AUSTIN

I became a certified personal trainer after being in a car accident a few years ago. I was frustrated with the constant pain and later, dealing with the extra weight I had gained from lack of movement and unhealthy food choices. What started out as a means to ‘fix’ me, soon became a passion that I decided to share with women like you. 

I am certified with NCCPT – National Council of Certified Personal Trainers and CanfitPro. I am so passionate about this that I have expanded on those certifications by taking further courses: Post Rehab Essentials, Weight Management Specialist, Kettlebell Training to name a few. I also hold the SrFit Mature Fitness Training Specialty Certification, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Exercise Nutrition and Level 2 Master Certification.


I DON'T SUGARCOAT THEIR JOURNEYS- I am straight up and don't tell them what they want to hear - I tell them what they need to hear! 

I REMIND THEM OF THE POWER THAT IS INSIDE OF THEM TO OVERCOME ANYTHING - and I am committed to helping them find their inner strength and rebuild their confidence again. 

THEY ARE EMPOWERED WITH THE KNOWLEDGE I SHARE WITH THEM that is going to help them transform their habits, their mindset and their bodies! Stuff like proper form, how to test your physical limits and when to back off and rest and strategies to adjust their eating patterns so that they can eat for your goals and create new healthy habits with ease. 

I'M JUST LIKE THEM! I am a woman who struggles with making time for all the demands life hands us; career, family, and me-time. I love food and like to eat and I don’t want to be bothered with counting calories and cutting out complete food groups. I want to be able to move my body often enough to keep me strong, fit, and pain free. I want to be able to enjoy my food and know that if I decide not to eat something, it’s because that’s my choice and not because my ‘diet’ says so. I want to look and feel good. Who wouldn’t want more self-confidence, right?

The Strong & Beautiful Program

12 weeks consisting of:





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"I have more energy. I’m happier; I still have energy right now. I have a skip in my step, I do planks and pushups throughout my day. I’m getting a much more restful sleep. Thank you so much!"

"I am doing things I would never ever have done. I climbed a mountain. I didn't worry about going down… and going down was a breeze! I would never have done that before, I would never have even gone up the mountain."

"I love that my shopping has changed. I used to buy cereal and be I’d be hungry again in an hour or two. I’ve turned my breakfast around and I love it. Now I buy eggs to have with mushrooms and I’m not hungry until lunch!”

"After a long day, I was happy to find I still had energy to complete a workout. Did a little bit of grammie duty; my planks consisted of counting the seconds down while holding position about my little one and kissing him all the while."

"So, my numbers haven't changed a lot, but today I discovered my favourite pair of slacks are at least two sizes too big...and I also wore a pullover sweater that I haven't worn in at least three years because it was too tight. Now, it fits!"

"I'm stunned!! McDonald's must have a 'most wanted' poster up in their restaurants by now... I just realized it's been 10 weeks since I've eaten there. Success!"

Need some advice from the future you...


"This is all for you, do the homework and give it your all because your whole being will thank you for it. Your confidence level will soar, your emotional level will be uplifted… she will make you think and it’s all for good!" ~ Chris

"Do it,, there’s something different here that you have never experienced before. It is different than all the diets and all the trainers you’ve tried in the past. There’s something about Lisa that will work with you... no matter how stubborn you are or how you push back. She has the patience to help you. Trust the process." ~Shari

"Start sooner, don’t be so stupid, get off your @ss! You will thank yourself later." ~Colleen

Strong & Beautiful FAQ's

The next time this program starts is Monday September 18, 2017 ends Sunday November 10, 2017

This program is for men and women. This edition is for people like you who have a desire to finally get their health back on track while having the support and the accountability, you need to stay the course.

You are a beginner when it comes to exercise and nutrition strategies. You are looking for a simple straight forward program to teach you the basics and give you a solid foundation you can grow from.

With The Buddy Edition, you bring your partner, best friend, neighbour… or whoever you want. That person can be your bestie, biggest supporter, or they could be your ‘other half’ so you are both on the same page when it comes to making some healthy lifestyle changes. The best results happen when you have support.

You have knowledge about exercise and/or nutrition but you are struggling with putting the two together into a complete program as part of your daily routine.

Because this program teaches you what to eat, how often to eat, along with getting you to move your body to build and keep your strength, it is safe for anyone; including pregnant women, people with diabetes, high cholesterol, etc.


  • The full program is 12 weeks. September 18, 2017, and ends November 10, 2017
  • Each week there are exercise, nutrition and mindset challenges to be completed
  • There is a weekly online meeting that explains the week’s focus, lessons and challenges

For this program to work, you will need an open mind and a desire to change some of your current habits.

Each week we will meet online for 4o minutes to explain key points to help you with your challenges.

Complete the workouts in the exercise plans. (the workouts are progressive and can be modified if necessary)

There  are exercise, nutrition and mindset challenges each week that enable you to practice the concepts taught throughout the program.


  • 4 exercise training plans
  • Success Guide
  • Meal Planning for Beginners including meal planning template.
  • Goal tracking template
  • Private Facebook Group Support
  • 12 weekly online webinars

The results from this program can vary from person to person. It will depend on your starting point and how much effort you put into your daily and weekly practices. I have had clients lose 5-15 pounds and go down 2-3 pant sizes. I have had one client develop the confidence to climb a mountain. All of them enjoy increased energy, feel better physically, and are confident they have the skills to know what to eat and when, and how to progress their workouts as they continue to work on their goals.

  • 12 weekly online group sessions
  • Daily motivation and tips from me through Facebook Live videos and daily posts
  • Private Facebook Group Support

I understand life happens and sometimes things come up. The training calls are recorded and posted to the group. There is also a video that covers the weeks training in your ‘student dashboard’.

I offer, both Private Facebook Group support and weekly group live coaching sessions. You will also have the support from the others in the group.

The cost of the program is $597.00 plus HST for the 12 weeks for each couple or each set of buddies.

I accept credit card and EFT – Electronic Funds Transfer payments.

There is a payment plan option, and there would be 3 installments of $240.00 +HST paid monthly from date of purchase.


I have created the workouts with a beginner in mind. You do not need to have any equipment. The workouts are entirely bodyweight . If some resistance is needed to help you progress, there are some tips of things around the house you can use.

Obviously, I would like you to be happy with your results. If you aren’t I have a 60 day guarantee.

60-DAY GUARANTEE: If you show up for all the training calls, participate in the private Facebook group, complete all the assignments and take all the action steps in the program and after that, if you feel that you have not received value from the program, simply send me your completed assignments and worksheets and I’ll happily refund your payment 100% and you can keep everything – including any bonuses!

60 Day Guarantee


60-DAY GUARANTEE: If you show up for all the training calls, participate in the private Facebook group, complete all the assignments and take all the action steps in the program and after that, if you feel that you have not received value from the program, simply send me your completed assignments and worksheets and I'll happily refund your payment 100% and you can keep everything - including any bonuses!