Awkward Moments

Have an Awkward Moment?

Lisa Austin Mindset to Body

We’ve all experienced awkward moments –- some of us more than others! But did you know there’s an official day in honour of those awkward moments? March 18th is National Awkward Moments Day.

Though we all experience awkward moments, which are often embarrassing, some of us are able to laugh through the situation, while some of us take the experience to heart and allow it to have a negative impact. It took me 40 years to be able to laugh at myself and not take everything so seriously.

For example, I’m a true klutz. Over the years, I’ve done many silly things and had many awkward moments. I broke my arm when I fell off a swing set; went over the handle bars when riding my bike, which resulted in stitches on my ear and hand; I’ve had black eyes and countless bruises, not to mention torn muscles in my hamstring and rotator cuff. Each and every time, this was the result of my choice to rush into something without thinking it through – and inevitably, that moment came when I realized: This is gonna hurt! But eventually, I stopped letting these moments get me down, and I pushed ahead.

Hand stand stick manAwkward moments happen all the time; sometimes, it’s just a matter of thinking things through or practicing something a lot so you can get it just right, or planning ahead of time to keep those awkward situations from occurring. Don’t forget that everyone needs to start somewhere before they become skilled at something –- ballerinas are only able to perform those beautiful and elegant pirouettes after countless hours of practice and instruction.

Decide today to ask questions and get help to achieve what you want, so you can avoid gymnastics-151826_1280awkward happenings in certain situations. And when something awkward does happen, choose to laugh it off and push ahead!

Tell me about some awkward moments you’ve had!




The first step must begin with you if you would like to start getting fit! Have no more awkward moments when you are exercising.

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