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Calorie Counting Debunked

There is more to learn about counting calories and tracking the calories burned. It's a lot more complicated than what you think. In this bundle is also The Cost of Getting Lean. Learn what you need to do to reach each level of fitness. (HINT: it's not that much if you are looking to become healthier).


Kitchen Rescue Pack

Learn how to create the perfect meal, how to master meal prep, and show you how to create the ultimate super shake all in one great bundle.


Nutrition & Fitness

for Busy Professionals

Learn the steps to fix a broken diet and get you eating for your goals. Learn how to stay in shape even with your busy schedule and how the power of sleep can help you in ways to didn't realize.


42 Delicious Fat Burning Recipes

Learn how you create tasty yet healthy meals that your whole family will love. Stay on track with your goals without spending too much time in the kitchen.


5 Must Know Ab Exercises

The five ab exercises in this eBook can help you achieve the mid section your dreams. These are the very same exercises I use with my most successful clients.



Learn what it takes to effectively and naturally treat your back pain.  These techniques have been proven time and again to produce powerful results.

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