What is metabolism anyway? You’ve heard the word but what does it really mean?

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The broad definition of metabolism by Matt Stone is: “The sum of all physiological events that take place in the body that turn food, water, air, vitamins, minerals, and more into what we know as life.” So, metabolism is pretty darn important! Calories are energy and the rate at which your body consumes energy is indeed your metabolism.  A few indicators …

Are You Spending Too Much Time Counting Your Calories?

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Not all calories are created equal. There is more to ‘calories in – calories out’ than what you read on a label or calculate on an app.  Let me explain why:   Calories IN Most people who count calories to lose weight or manage weight assume they are calculating down to the last 5 calories! Unfortunately, it’s not an exact …

Use This 1-2-3 Approach to Meal Prep

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  Many things can improve your kitchen “coolness”.  Use this 1-2-3 approach: The right equipment. A regular preparation system or ritual. A “can-do” attitude and willingness to experiment.   1. The Right Equipment Kitchen essentials make meal prep easier. Here are some must-have’s for your kitchen: Slow Cooker – Set it and forget it! You can easily make enough food …

Bread Alternatives for Nutrition & Weight Loss

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When improving your nutrition, one of the things to consider is reducing or eliminating the consumption of bread products, especially those made with a base of white flour. This begs the question: What can you eat that to replace bread that can be just as filling, but will offer more nutrients? I asked the members of my Simply Fit group …

Want to Get Fit? You Just Need to Start!

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Have you ever stopped yourself from doing something because you weren’t sure if you could do it? You worried about doing things a certain way, or having things look a certain way, so you just didn’t bother to do it all. When you start something, you want to know that everything will run smoothly and it will be easy—right?