the surprising effects of stress on your heallth

The surprising effects of stress on your health…

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Stress can be good and bad. If it is left unchecked, stress can be terrible for your health. It’s important to recognize signs that stress is overwhelming you, and know how to deal with it in a healthy way. “Pushing through stress” is rarely a good idea. There are simple alternatives for stress relief that this blog will go over.

Core work shouldn’t make your neck hurt

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Picture this: you’re lying on the mat, aiming to reach your goal for crunches, you’re pumping them out fairly quickly and you think your form is pretty good… But even though you’re protecting  your head/neck, you’re feeling the strain…   Cues for the Perfect Crunch A common complaint I hear from clients is their neck hurts during ab work. Some …

Keeping Food Fresh – Tips from the Experts

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A while ago, I shared a post about how you can eat healthy on a budget. I shared things to look for while grocery shopping – and tips on buying healthy food on a budget. A lot of people ask me, as they did after reading that blog post, how they can make the foods last. Ever bought a food, …